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The Sharon Lustbader Scholarship

The Sharon Lustbader Scholarship was established in honor of Midwood High School's illustrious creative writing teacher. Sharon Lustbader continues to be the cornerstone of Midwood High School's young literati. She is, for hundreds and hundreds of students, a foundation of cosmopolitanism--not only intellectually and spiritually, but sartorially.

No heel is too high as long as the stay is reliable.


You may or may not understand this Confucian wisdom, but you must understand that Mrs. Lustbader's constancy, intelligence, wit, and beauty continue to inspire and cultivate young writers. As well, it is worth noting, that she has not aged a day past twenty-three. The Broome Street Review is proud to present this award annually to one high school senior from Midwood High School whose talents best represent and honor Sharon Lustbader. 

Meet the Sharon Lustbader scholars in the slideshow below.

M I D W O O D   S T U D E N T S   A P P L Y   H E R E​

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